Robodice on CRS

We will be attending CRŠ this year. Among comics and great artists you will have opportunity to play our Golden Goblet prototype on Saturday, May 15, Zagreb, Croatia, HDLU.


Golden Goblet on Infogamer


Golden Goblet and Songs of Valor will be available for betatesting on Reboot Infogamer 2014 (

We’ll be there in Pavilion 9 of Zageb Fair on:

  • Wednesday, 17.30-20h
  • Thursday, 17.30-20h
  • Friday, 16.00-20h
  • Saturday, most of the day
  • Sunday,14.00-20h

See ya 🙂

Another beta in STEP yesterday

We had 2 games yesterday in STEP. Our testers have decided to stay on the table, change their characters and have another game. Very encouraging for us to see how people react to the game. First time players who are completely new to the game are reacting great and are immersed into the game almost instantly. I’m looking into recording the gameplay but it will take some time to do it right.

Teaser: Golden Goblet

Ok, maybe Robi will be mad about this since we want to keep it under the radar for now but here we go… 

Golden Goblet is our newest fantasy board game project. It is a game set in a world of ancient antediluvian (that is a coolest word) civilization. I suppose all that reading of Conan comics has to take some blame for it but I hope that the game will be nearly as fun as comics were.

The game will have 15 mm figures for you to move around the board but we may upgrade to 28 mm scale… hmmmm. What do you think? One of the things we would like is to keep the game small so that is one thing in favor of 15 mm scale.

Anyway here is one of the smallest sculpts i have ever made.


Our dwarf adventurer in 15 mm scale, and he has a girlfriend also :). Comment if you like to see a picture of her also.

These are made in epoxy putty.